À Moi Paris – French Listening Comprehension

19 Th10

                                      À Moi Paris 

                 French Listening Comprehension

             Exercises to practice and improve your French listening skills

Work on your French listening comprehension with these exercises. Each includes a French sound file, study guide, and short quiz. There is also a full transcript and translation of the audio, which you can use to better understand the sound file.

À Moi Paris is a beginning- to low-intermediate-level French audiobook, featured here with the permission of the author, Camille Chevalier.

1: Rencontre dans un train(Gặp nhau trên xe lửa)
Meet three ladies living and studying in France. 

2: Une petite faim(Tôi hơi đói bụng)
The girls get something to eat and meet some new characters.

3: Sortie au cinéma(Đi xem chiếu bóng)
Sophie and Claudia invite Mary to the movies.

4: Sophie cherche une tenue(Sophie đi mua quần áo)
Sophie needs a nice outfit and goes shopping with Mary.

5: La Rentrée(Trở lại trường)
The girls go back to school and find out about a party.

6: La fête(Lể sinh nhật)
Mary helps Patrick get ready for the party.

7: Une bonne idée(Một ý kiến hay)
Sophie and Claudia invite Mary to move in.

8: Une invitation(Lời mời)
An invitation for the entire gang.

9: Préparatifs(Những sự chuẩn bị)
The gang packs and heads out the door.

10: Brighton
Welcome to Brighton!

11: Une journée de vacances(Một ngày nghĩ hè)
A day at the beach.

12: La liste des courses(Danh sách mua hàng)
Planning meals and making a grocery list.

13: Claudia est malade(Claudia bị bệnh)
The girls are back in Paris but all is not well.

14: Première dispute(Cuộc cải lộn đầu tiên)
Claudia comes home in a bad mood.

15: Un choix difficile(Sự chọn lựa khó khăn)
It’s almost time for Mary to leave France.

16: Un coup de téléphone déterminant(Cú điện thoại quyết định)
Mary calls to find out whether she can stay in Paris


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